A Return to Form (Submittal)?

I was trying not to let Chuckles recent WRN posts shame me into posting but sadly they have finally done so. I’ve been meaning to post for a while but then never really doing it. Mostly out of boredom, my life hasn’t been too exciting lately and I can only spend so long boring the internet before finally giving up.

Just a quick run down of things that are pretty enjoyable right now:

Things I’d like to do for a bit:

  • Not have to work. Seriously, I just want to spend a month sitting around doing nothing.
  • Orange Box – PS3 version doesn’t come out until Dec. 17 and I don’t want to buy it for 360
  • GH3/Rock Band – How tough will it be to ‘play’ guitar and sing the part on Rock Band?
  • See a decent movie – Fido and Planet Terror on DVD and Amercian Gangster at the theater

Anyway, we’ll start small and work our way back up to a real post.

P.S. I also have no idea what happened to those posts from July/Aug/Sep/Oct. Blogoblin got them I suppose.

6 thoughts on “A Return to Form (Submittal)?”

  1. ‘Tis true. That’s why I need to save up my vacation. Sorry family, I’m not coming to visit because I need to save up time to sit around and watch reruns of the A-Team.

    Of course, my desire to sit around doing nothing makes me sound like Ron Livingston in Office Space. That’s not really the case (although I do have a friend who is continually worried about downsizing).

  2. Ricochet is literally the worst movie I have ever seen. You may need to sit around for a month to recover.

    I’m still sad I missed Fido at our local pizza pub theatre.

  3. Ricochet is pretty bad. Fortunately I love bad movies (perhaps more than good movies).

    Come on, Denzel Washington stripping down to his underwear then pulling a hidden gun and firing a behind the back shot to injure John Lithgow, ending a tense hostage situation. If a movie like that isn’t good, I don’t want to know what is.

  4. I have changed jobs too regularly over the last 10 years (about every 1.5 to 3 years, the nature of the beast), and I make time between each gig to sit around my house, supplemented with a little freelance work. Granted, I don’t have kids. So I can minimize my expenses pretty fast.

    I once got downsized on the first day of summer, and started my new gig on the first day of fall. I disliked the VP who informed me, so I thanked him profusely and ended the meeting suddenly by wishing him a good summer at the office, and letting out a ‘wooo hoo!!!’after closing his office door.

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