Costume Post Coming Up…

We have been diligently working on a flood of posts about various nerd shit sepcifically Halloween costumes, but in the meantime check out this creative use of the filth in a highway tunnel and the Man’s response:

Ok, well, I don’t know the fuck I am doing wrong here. I may also not know what the fuck I am doing at all, so the video won’t embed properly. It was a neat video about some dude drawing skulls in the dirt in the walls of a tunnel in Paris or some other European city. I could just make a link to the YouTube page, but I don’t feel like it.

[dontEATnachos adds:]

The WYSIWYG editor hoses up videos. Once you put the video in you have to not edit the post anymore. If you do need to edit it, you’ll have to delete out some junk from the old one and post the code again. I don’t know why WordPress does this.

Anyway, the video: