Favorite GH3 Songs Right Now

There are a number of songs on GH3 that are a blast to play. There are two though that even when I’m doing something completely different (like sitting at work) I’ll get struck by the urge to play.

Lay Down by Priestess

My Name Is Jonas by Weezer

5 thoughts on “Favorite GH3 Songs Right Now”

  1. Sadly, I don’t currently own any video capturing/editing equipment. Maybe at some point I can get my GF to bring over her MacBook and I can put a little something together that’s ‘Tube-worthy.

    Also, since I’ll be hanging out with Fulsome at some point in the next 2 months, maybe we can get a video of him playing his favorite AFI or My Chemical Romance song.

  2. I finally saw the ad for GH3: Legends of Rock with Slash. The guy has clearly never played the game because he only ever hits one fret during the commercial. Lame.

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