Scariest Recall EVER

Ok, typically when I read about product recalls in the news it’s something like, “Lead paint makes Happy Meal toy toxic to some mongoose(s)” or “The Forge Chargenator has an issue with its right rear socketonomatrix valve and needs to be replaced.”

Since my car is 7 years old at this point and I don’t play with a lot of toys (I got rid of my Voltron and Transformers when I moved!) I typically ignore this.  Even the “finger in the chili” or “tainted spinach” thing didn’t really affect me since I don’t eat either of those that often or generally expect fingers in my food anyway.

Ok, I’m done news-promoing you (telling you that something really common could actually KILL YOU but then not actually telling you what it is even though I had plenty of time in the little 15 second blip).  Frozen pizza could have E. Coli.  FROZEN PIZZA.

Why have you forsaken me so Pizza Deities?  I love the crispy crust you get from my pizza stone and I even own multiple pizza cutters for those instances where I haven’t had time to wash it before I need to eat your delicious tastiness again.

Oh wait, it’s just Totino’s and Jeno’s.  Those taste like ass.  Never mind.

4 thoughts on “Scariest Recall EVER”

  1. Apparently the ‘meat’ (I was always convinced that it wasn’t really any actual animal product) is moderately hospitable.

    My girlfriend got worried when I told her because she was afraid it involved her treasured Tostino’s Pizza Rolls. Luckily they have remained unscathed.

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