Everyday Horror: Dangerous Hotel

So, while originally a Haloween themed deal a few years ago, I’ve gotten the idea that I don’t really feel like waiting until October to talk about pictures of random crap I take with my cell phone.

This case has to do with a hotel I was staying at in Austin last week for meetings.  When I first arrived, it seemed like there were an inordinate and varied number of cop cars.  There were cop Hummer H2’s, cop Impalas, cop Chargers, cop Tahoes.  I was afraid that possibly someone had been shot in my hotel or something.

It turns out it was something far worse:

Homicide Investigators of Texas

The Homicide Investigators of Texas.

That’s right, throughout the week I was subjected to mustachioed beer-gutted middle-age white guys with too-tight blue jeans and cowboy boots who all parked full size vehicles in a garage that looked like it was designed for a fleet of Geo Metros.

They also spent some time in the hot tub not too far from my room.

And (in case they read this) good times were had by all!

6 thoughts on “Everyday Horror: Dangerous Hotel”

  1. I am so laughing over here. Reminds me of when I was 18 and flew the red eye with about 25 brand new marines on their first leave out of Camp Pendleton.

  2. Granted, ‘homicide investigator’ isn’t the sort of police officer likely to give you a tough time day to day, but had it been the ‘traffic citationer’ or ‘skate law enforcer’ sort of officers… and if had access to that much free shampoo…

  3. Are those pug puppies on the poster?

    Gawd. There should be some sort of warning for that kind of stuff. Like when I go to the voting booth and I have to be near Republicans. That is just wrong.

  4. I couldn’t see it close enough from my pixel count. Thanks for clarifying that. Do tell me about the GF’s research. It sounds so interesting.

    I was going to say something about owners of said dogs but I don’t care enough to bother.

  5. That sign has terrible grammar. “Homicide Investigators of Texas Welcomes You!” where? Where does investigators welcomes you? There is also the issue of subject verb agreement.

    “Homicide Investigators of Texas Welcome!” would be a vast improvement.

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