Screw It, I’m Making a New Post

Ok, so it’s been a bit of a break here at WRN.  Fulsome has apparently given up the bloghost (I don’t even see him on GMail anymore) and Chuckles has got his commitments to freelance geniusing  so I guess it is up to me to Frankenstein this baby.

I’m sure part of the reason that Fuls gave up on the blog have to do with the non-rounded nature of the posts by some of us (me).  Part of this has to do with the fact that I don’t have the philosophy or science background that these other guys do.  I’m a programmer who likes video games and dumb movies, proving that I’m not actually as well rounded as these other guys.

Still, I guess I have my niche.  Besides posts about crap I want to buy (what have we covered so far in that category?  video games, tv’s, cell phones, pizza, oompa loompas, etc.) I talk about going the gym.  Since I haven’t been going to the gym lately, it’s been a little bit harder for me to post exciting stories at the YMCA.  Well, no longer hopefully.

In the past several weeks I’ve begun a campaign to return to regular YMCA visits.  My girlfriend has joined with me (Hint: that means no more hitting on me while I’m on the elliptical machine) and we’re going and having fun.  Now that the weather here in Wisconsin is getting nice enough to leave my apartment we should have some good times ahead.

I have gotten a little fat the past year and a half as I’ve tried to deal with moving, working from home, being a lazy bastard, and acquiring an obscenely large TV so (partially inspired by the blogging on 3Bulls! and partly as a desire to document either my success or failure), I may try to collect data samples about my progress in either losing weight or injuring myself at the gym.

Also, this YMCA I now go to may have different inspirational posters.   A full investigation will definitely be required.  So YMCA and Internet, take this as notice.  I (potentially) am not going to be ignoring you anymore.

P.S.  If this post is not followed up regularly for the next 3 months then this latest endeavor has resulted in failure and you’ll be more likely to find me on the PLAYSTATION Network as dontEATnachos or on Xbox Live as imSERIOUSguys.  With GTAIV coming out next week, you’re bound to find me on one of them so feel free to friend me, just mention WRN in the request.

4 thoughts on “Screw It, I’m Making a New Post”

  1. Somehow I knew there would be a post, and I don’t have RSS with you guys. Weird.

    I wonder how long it will take AG to drop some poop in three…two…

  2. Actually, there wasn’t some sort of moratorium on posting or anything (certainly not imposed by fulsome). I think the site just really lost a lot of its purpose when he quit posting.

    WRN was originally his blog and Chuckles and I bugged him to get in on it. The trouble for me is that I knew I wasn’t really contributing to what he wanted the tone for the blog to me. That made it harder to motivate myself to post.

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