Spending Habits

Well, I ended up going to the midnight launch of GTA IV last night.  I’m pretty excited about the game but nothing fevered or anything.  Best Buy is right down the street though and my friend had preordered it and wanted to get it RIGHT AWAY.  After playing some Army of Two while waiting for midnight to roll around, we headed out to the Best Buy and got in line.

We got there about 2 minutes before midnight and there were maybe 40 people there.  There were 2 seperate lines, one for preorders and one for non preorders.  I didn’t bother to preorder it since I figured they’d have about eleventy billion copies.  I was right.  And judging from my experience with Halo 3 and GHIII, I thought that it would be faster to just show up and pick it up rather than having to wait for them to look it up in the system (and wait in the line for them looking up everyone elses games in the system).   I ended up being right and saving about … 20 seconds.

Still, I’m now the proud owner of GTA IV for the 360 and have played it for a grand total of one hour.  I won’t really get to play it tonight until I get back from the gym though (look at that, actually not sitting around!).

Besides sit on my ass video games though,  I’m also in the process of trying to find a new bike.  When I moved I didn’t bring it with me and instead borrowed an extra one my parents had.  They ended up needing it back though and now I am currently bikeless.  Luckily the weather here has been so crappy it’s not an issue but I’m back on the market and looking.  I haven’t really bought a bike since I was 12 though so it’s a bit of an experience.

I think I’m looking for more of a hybrid/commuter bike (certainly not a road bike and I doubt I’ll be doing any mountain biking) so if anyone has any suggestions I’m willing to listen.  Right now my short list is something like this:

  • Fuji CrossTown
  • Fuji Absolute 2.0
  • Trek 7.3 FX
  • Trek 7.2 FX
  • Giant Cyprus DX
  • Giant Sedona DX
  • GT Nomad LTD

I’d be open to suggestions though, so if anyone knows a $500-ish bike that’s good for mostly on road/trail riding let me know.

4 thoughts on “Spending Habits”

  1. When I went to the midnight release of Burning Crusade they sold only to pre-orders first, and we had to wait in a side line. Took about an extra 20 minutes. I like your system better.

  2. Yeah, I think in a system where manufacturing is so easy you’re never going to run out of physical copies (like games, DVD’s, or CD’s) that pre-ordering is dumb. All it does is lock you into a retailer.

    Obviously if they’ve got a deal going on it’s worth it but besides that, I don’t see the point.

  3. dEn, you have probably already made this decision, but your most important factors in purchasing a ride are size and weight. Does the bike fit you? Can you lift it easily with one hand? To answer the first question, sit on the bike and you should have only your toes on one foot touching the ground while the other foot is on the appropriate pedal. If you have to raise the seat too much to achieve this, you should find a larger bike, if you have the seat all the way down, buy a smaller bike.

    In terms of frills, the thinner the tires, the less flexible it is. I also recommend purchasing a tire pump with a built-in pressure gauge, a good helmet, a red rear light, a front light (there are great lithium-ion lights LED systems that are phenomenal, I use a Light&Motion system), and a multi-tool for all your doodads. Let’s see, a spare tube, a patch kit, and something to store all this crap in.

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