Still Loving GTA IV

So I’ve been playing GTA IV for over 2 weeks now and I have to say, this game is still a blast.  It’s making it hard to play anything else.  I’ve downloaded 3 demos over the past couple days and I just get bored in the middle of them and want to head back to GTA.

Sometimes I just wander around trying to get achievements (finally lost a 4 Star Wanted level and survived 5 minutes a 6 Stars) other times I do one of the many missions available to me and other times I just go around blowing the crap out of things.  Even the multiplayer is fun (if not more intense than I generally need).

I’m afraid GTAIV will end up like GTAIII or Oblivion where I just kind of quit about 30% into the game.  Oh well though, I’ve gotten plenty of hours of entertainment out of the thing.

Anyway, if you’ve got a console and haven’t picked this up yet, what’s your deal?  Go do it already.

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