An Acquired Taste

Well, got a great email today saying that the company I work for has been acquired. iphone 6 case orange and black I’m supposed to be getting a phone call at some point explaining how this is going to affect me but who knows. iphone 7 pink leather case Working from home and not having any contacts at headquarters anymore I’m pretty much out of the loop. iphone 7 full body phone cases Judging from the email, I don’t think anyone is getting laid off or anything (at least not immediately). iphone 6 sparkly phone case They can’t really talk about what will happen until the deal officially goes through in the next month or so. iphone 7 plus case london tube Maybe those stock options I have will finally be worth something though. phone case silicon iphone 6 [UPDATE] Well, the higher up guy who was supposed to call me never did that so I don’t really have any new information.

7 thoughts on “An Acquired Taste”

  1. yeah, it certainly is … something.

    I’m still waiting on the phone call but according to another coworker who has talked to management “it’s all good news and everyone is excited.”

    Also, supposedly the new company would have better benefits including possibly better tuition reimbursement program. I’m all for that since I’m starting taking classes for a masters in Human Computer Interaction this summer.

  2. I actually already knew I wasn’t important but I just think it’s hilarious that they couldn’t find even 5 minutes to say, “Hey, we’re being acquired. Catch you guy on the flip-flop!”

    And I’m sure that the acquisition will get rid of some of our staff, I don’t know if that’s happening just yet and since it’s a business they weren’t in before there certainly isn’t a guy at the company who would be ready day one to come in and do what I do.

    I’d be more worried if I were in some support role that already has better processes in the larger company (HR, accounting, purchasing, etc.).

    I figure I’ll just play it as it goes and make sure that I’ve got enough money saved up if anything does happen.

  3. I’ve been through acquisition, but my anecdote is about a field guy who was in the office for the first time in something like 3-4 months and asked me “Hey, do you know where my boss is?”
    I said, “Who’s your boss?”
    He said “Blahzen Bleezenlblop (insert real name here)”.
    “Oh, Blahzen left week before last.”
    “Yeah, didn’t he tell you.”

  4. Heh, I missed the only acquisition I have been close to by a week. I went back to school shortly before the dotcom I was working for over the summer was fully acquired by a funding partner. They laid off the entire in which section I had been working.

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