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As may have been noticed, I’m not posting a lot. I think that’s primarily related to the fact that here in beautiful Madison, WI we get 3-4 months of great weather and then it’s back to winter. I’ve been busy trying to do some biking. iphone 6 case white silicone Thanks to our amazing number of bike paths/lanes it’s really easy to go a different route every day and not be worried about getting killed by some cars. I’ve also been busy trying to work through some more games (Stranglehold, MGS4, Blue Dragon) after having given up on GTA4. iphone 7 phone cases sparkly pink That game is just too huge for me to make it through without taking a break. london iphone 7 case I’ll probably go back to it this Fall as the weather starts to cool off. motomo iphone 6 case Anywho, I guess I’ll try to update this more. Chuckles keeps sending me emails asking what his password is so that he can make a post but then after I email it to him he never does. fake iphone x case Maybe he’s busy brushing up to retake his college entrance exams? Word of advice, they added a horrible essay section to it so uh, it sucks way more to take now. winnie the pooh iphone 7 plus case Well, that’s it for now.

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  1. Yeah, they’re everywhere and with the little lakes around the area there’s lots of cool places to ride. Plus, it’s got hills which really help make it a lot tougher of a workout (which I actually enjoy).

  2. mdh, just drop your bike onto the Greenbrush and pop up to Alewife, and you can Minuteman trail till your heart’s content. I will only bike in the Boston area on a designated bike path that no car can possibly get near. And then, only with caution. They’re crazzzy here!

  3. UC, i used to live a half block from the Minuteman (and 3 blocks from Blue Ribbon BBQ) in Arlington. That is an awesome (if very very flat) trail. Also great for the rollerbladers.

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