So I started my new classes yesterday and it turns out that the Basic Design class I’m taking DOESN’T INVOLVE COMPUTERS. I’m freaking out because, how can I do something that isn’t on a computer. It just seems really weird. And the class it was supposed to be filling in for was supposed to be a computer based class so I think I’m not sure that it’s even what I’m supposed to be taking. glitter heart iphone 8 case It was just kind of hilarious because I could feel myself starting to get really nervous once I found out that it wasn’t on a PC. glitter cases iphone 6 “What do I do?” “How am I going to function with this class not involving computers at all?” They gave us this list of supplies that was like an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper long and I was like, “Now I have to buy all this crap?” I’m debating just dropping it and pretending I know enough to start taking classes next semester. panda iphone x case We’ll have to see what the ol’ advisor has to say about the whole thing. On some level though, I just want to keep taking it since I realized it was not what I was expecting. I kind of have this aversion to doing things that I don’t know ahead of time that I’m going to be successful at and this really seems like one of those scenarios. iphone 7 plus leather case blue [Update] Just got an email back from my advisor saying that it would be good to get the basic design stuff in and learn the tools later so I guess I’ll keep this course (the realization that it was going to cost me 20% of the tuition to drop it may also have something to do with me continuing to take the course). Sigh, this means I’ll have to pick up all the ridiculous supplies they listed. Ah well. ultra thin battery case for iphone 8 plus [Update x2] Turns out that my stats class starts at 7PM and not 7:30 like I thought. verus iphone 8 case Note to self, make sure you put your things in your calendar for the correct time.

4 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. That reminds me of a class I did drop in college. I thought the class was about BASIC programming, but it turned out to be Basic Programming. Slightly different than I thought and only worth a half credit.

    I think you have confused “taking” and “taken.”

  2. Ah, so I did.

    Yes, I never really took any ‘art’ classes in college (or in high school, junior high or even grade school I don’t think) so it’s kind of intimidating me.

    Kind of like how when I took a typing class there wasn’t really that much I could do to get my typing speed up no matter how much I practiced (and thus had to take it Pass/Fail as to not get a B in a non-honors course and screw over my GPA).

  3. Haha, I haven’t really improved my speed, but I have improved my utility by learning to type accurately without looking at the keyboard or the screen. Makes it easier to transcribe all the notes I take at the music shows I attend.

  4. Haha, ouch

    I, on the other hand, freaked out when I found out my Image Processing Intro actually was going to require all this programming.

    Also, you guys have been doing a bunch here these last few weeks. Maybe winter really is over? I keep seeing my shadow though.

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