Ought Eight

That’s the way I feel: maybe I ought not to have eight that. iphone 7 phone cases and holder Of course, iphone 6 jordan case however I did. Hams, chrome iphone 8 plus case cookies, pizzas, iphone 6 case victoria secret pink cookies, pies, shock proof phone case iphone 7 soup, iphone 7 multi tool case hamburgers, phone cases iphone 6 leather and more cookies. It was a pretty relaxing and relaxed two weeks that let me re-energize and get back to work. What else to say? Well besides the usual and extremely prolonged absence, not a whole lot. Anyways,

5 thoughts on “Ought Eight”

  1. My brother’s mother in law informed me that there could be no leftovers and she had planned a dinner for 7. There were four of us. SHE MAID A BURRITOS PLATTER AND I EATED IT.

  2. That’s what I’m talking about.

    Example: Christmas eve dinner: 2 trays of the most delicious family concotion Swiss Cheese Scalloped Potatoes. post-dinner quantity: none.

    And the cookies, so many glorious cookies. I’m lucky I only came back 6 lbs. heavier.

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