Sorry About the Noise

I’m in the process of upgrading the template to handle widgets and as such, there may be some strange sounds coming out of the blog. iphone 8 cases spigen Don’t worry, Chuckles probably isn’t going to be posting those things he said he would anyway. iphone 7 phone protective cases Update: The ‘Nerds’ box is currently rendering kind of weird in IE so I will be getting to that eventually. proshot case iphone 6 plus If you notice any other weirdness, let me know. studio ghibli iphone 8 case Otherwise, enjoy the newly added recent comments functionality or giant number of indiscriminately labeled and duplicated links. name phone case iphone 6 plus Update X2: I think it’s fixed. iphone 7 phone cases light up The spacing is a little different between IE and Firefox still but I don’t know that I care enough to keep working on it.

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