The Federal Reserve at Iota 1/7/08

Since the last two music posts I have written went straight down the tubes, as these things are wont to do, I am not too worried about this post being read at all. It might have something to do with the new version of WordPress, but after Repoohblic of Dogs was stricken with some mighty affliction I am not eager to switch to any new version of WordPress. silicone glitter iphone 7 case As I am not an administrator I know it isn’t my choice, either. iphone 8 case carbon The Federal Reserve is a group of bands and musicians or musicians and bands. I am not really sure how many people are involved in this fantastic endeavor but there are eight bands and their relationships have been described to me as “kind of incestuous, really.” On the first Monday of the month, The Federal Reserve and many other local indie darlings/rockers/wannabes gather at Iota Club and Cafe for an evening of music. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun and seems more like a house party full of musicians. apple cases iphone 7 plus A guy may be up on the stage playing a slow rambling song about his horrible family with only a backing guitar at the start of the set and have a drummer, bass player and backing vocals by the end of a song. A lot of the music can be described as indie-americana, despite the cringiness of that term, but how else would you describe a sound created from a blend of bluegrass and rock without being country? Last night, my ladyfriend and I arrived shortly before Anchorage started their set. Though not part of the collective, they are pretty good and I am looking forward to seeing them again. obliq iphone 8 plus case John Bustine came next and he started with an awesome song about people called “Tough Shit.” I didn’t catch the name of the last group of three guys but they* The Moderate went on next and were also good. iphone 8 case baby pink The guitar was more blues inspired. My ladyfriend and I had to take off because it was getting late and work ruins our fun rather consistently. victoria secret phone case iphone 7 plus The exhaustion I feel now is totally worth it. I hesitated to write about this wonderful event because it has become one of the highlights of my month and feels almost like this little secret place I know that none of the cooler than thou indie bitches from my side of the river would dare go. I like being able to ask a musician a couple questions while I get a beer. pink phone cases iphone 7 I will freely admit that I am a complete wannabe and the closest I get to rocking is air guitar and the medium setting on Guitar Hero. *I am a frigging doofus.

6 thoughts on “The Federal Reserve at Iota 1/7/08”

  1. They gotta make music for somebody. Mostly, I guess, I am just trying to process your move from electronic to bluegrass

  2. You forget that I have been into genuine, authentic Appalachian bluegrass since long before we met. Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs were played on many Sunday trips to the hardware store.

    Remember when I worked in the theater in Madison and played a tape of bluegrass on the audio system as patrons were taking their seats?

  3. I’m a multimedia child and I often fail when the music doesn’t have enough instruments. That said, a good Appalachian band and a lot of whiskey is a good time

  4. A few weeks back, we saw something called “THIS is American Music Rock and Roll Revue” featuring the Drams, Two Cow garage, Glossary and Grand Chapeen. It verged more toward americana/ alt-country, as you might expect from a linup anchored by the remnants of Slobberbone, but the four bands are all friends, and they played four mini-sets of five songs each, with no breaks, then took a short break, and did the four mini-sets again.

    each band played their own material, but the musicians came and went freely, so everyone sat in on each other’s songs, sometimes even guest singing. And the whole mess was liberally lubricated, so the finale consisted of cramming as many people as they could on the stage to do grand, sloppy, drunken versions of “American Girl” and “Born to Run”

    God it was rock and roll.

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