US Department of Treasury Unveils New Hojillion Dollar Note

In a release dated August 20, 2008, the United States Department of Treasury has released the following: “The current crisis environment of world terrorism, massive debt, and general shittiness of economy has caused great concern in the Department of Treasury. turquoise iphone 8 case As many of you are no doubt aware, we like to be simultaneously on the cusp of world events and digging into history which is why we commissioned the State Quarters, Sacagawea Dollar, the President Dollars, the First Spouse Coins, the Legacy of Great Eleanor Roosevelt Impersonators Coins, and also why we pawn off more recent events on the Franklin Mint and Liberia. initial iphone 7 case leather The U.S. Mint strives to provide the great American public a fantastic source of collectibles that have utterly no connection to Star Trek or George Lucas. iphone 6 detachable magnetic case We feel that the Hojillion Dollar bank note will satisfy both collectors and consumers, especially at the gas pump. iphone 6 rose gold glitter case Jesus Christ, I mean shit! I drive a freaking hybrid and I PRINT MONEY FOR THE UNITED STATES and I still can’t afford to drive anywhere. shockproof iphone 8 case We hope that this new note will speed transactions everywhere, so that more people can fill up their tanks faster at the cheap place in town.” *In all semi-seriousness, the upcoming coins are pretty darn sweet looking. shock proof case iphone 7 plus I have two of the new President dollars and none of the First Spouses. baseus iphone 8 case I didn’t even know they were minting those, but I was going to insert a joke about them until I saw that they were real.

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  1. If you roll them up in those paper tubes you can get from banks and then stuff the rolls in a sturdy sock, you can get almost anything you want from anyone.

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