Finally Moving Forward

Well, it’s finally happened.  Even though I applied and was accepted into a masters program in Human Computer Interaction this past spring, I didn’t find out what prerequisites I actually passed until it was too late to enroll in any classes.  Then, the courses I needed (a basic design course and a stats course) were either not being offered over the summer or already full so I kept waiting.  I finally got enrolled in my design class today and pending a tiny bit of paperwork I’ll be in my stats class as well.

I used to pat myself on the back for having made it through undergrad without taking stats … now that decision is coming back to bite me on the ass.  I’ll be wasting money and 2 nights a week at class making up for it.  I’m actually interested in my design course though.  I always wanted to take more design/art classes in college but never really had the time (I took a bunch of Chinese instead and now I never use that junk … Ni hao communist overlords!).

It’s weird to think I’m going back to school.  Especially considering the thing I did when I got out of school was thank the crap out of finally being done with class and swearing that I wasn’t going back … unless it was because I needed an MBA so I could be rich.

Back when I was first attending college though, I never really appreciated how much the foundation you get in school can help you professionally.  I don’t know how many times those concepts we covered in that ‘stupid’ algorithms, machine intelligence, or compiler class has cropped up.  Heck, even algebra/geometry/trig stuff crops up fairly often.

For me, what’s interesting in going back is that this time I’m not just trying to get done so I can get a job and quit sitting in a classroom, it’s because I actually want to understand and excel in a different area.  I’m not promising I’ll care about statistics … but the rest of it, I’ve really got an appreciation of how often the fundamentals and even more esoteric concepts can come up in a profession.

Remembering those concepts and experiences can be the difference between floundering around and having to change course mid-development or picking the right approach from the beginning and easily meeting deadlines.

Of course, the first day of class does have to be my birthday.  Worst part about the late August ones. Blah.

2 thoughts on “Finally Moving Forward”

  1. I understand how you feel. Going to class was something I liked doing in college, but I hated all the work associated with it. I wanted to just sit there and listen to lectures and interact with other students and the professor. Homework is not a chore now.

  2. good luck! I actually loved my statistics class in college, because the professor was so great. I had signed up to take it pass/fail and then I totally scored high enough to get an A. Total shooting myself in the foot there.

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