Hey, That Looks Alright

I’m playing around with Google Chrome a bit at the moment (I have an intense desire for Google to track EVERY WEB PAGE I’VE EVER BEEN TO EVER).  And apparently it loads/looks fine on here.

If anyone hates their privacy so much as to use this browser consistently please feel free to let me know if you have any problems.

4 thoughts on “Hey, That Looks Alright”

  1. Google is SO 2007, I’m already onto this new browser that’s from Moon. You can’t download it yet because you don’t yet know about it. It is much faster than anything your mind can comprehend because it uses mixels, not silly Earth pixels. It’s called Moon, by the Moon for the Moon.

  2. BTW, I posted that last comment (and this one) with Google Chrome.

    The biggest issue I have with it right now is the crappy way that circle bullet points look on unordered lists. Oh and the lack of adblock and crappy Google tracking.

  3. So yeah, I’ll just sit here and enjoy all the wonders of Firefox 3. For six months, and then Firefox four will come out with half the features of Chrome added in, and then Firefox five will just be Chrome, and I will be forced over a barrel by Google in all things.

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