Zombie Outbreak at DC Metro IKEA

These are the only known images of a recent outbreak of the Solanum virus at an IKEA store in the DC Metro area.  WRN cautions you that the images you are about to see are disturbing and should not be viewed by children, the elderly, and anyone with a heart condition or lack of a humorous bone.

5 thoughts on “Zombie Outbreak at DC Metro IKEA”

  1. Chaffeuring people around can be a risky business. Look what happened to that guy in the movie version of “Dudeguy: A Chaffeur’s Tale.” I think the movie version was called “Die Hard.”

  2. They remind me less of zombies and more of echochrome and echochrome is way too classy to be zombies.

    BTW, you can’t say ‘DC metro’ IKEA because we both know you’re either in scrub Virginia or more likely crazy suburban Maryland.

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