TiVo Binge

Last week I went to Best Buy and used a gift card I had to pick up the Western Digital My DVR Expander.  It’s basically an eSATA enclosure that has a 500GB hard drive in it.  They apparently paid some undisclosed amount to get it ‘TiVo certified’ letting me hook it up to the eSATA port on the back of my TiVo HD.  It basically gave me 300% more space to hold TV shows and movies.  They say I should be able to get up to 80-90 more hours of HD content.

What’s so funny though is that now that the TiVo realizes it has all this extra space (660GB total) it’s gone on a recording binge.  The two little red lights on the front of the box indicating it’s recording have been on almost constantly since I got it on Thursday.  I think it’s up to almost 40 TiVo Suggestions.

I didn’t really need to be able to hold THAT MUCH video content but since my GF is in Indonesia for a couple months she wanted me to record and hold onto a bunch of shows for her while she’s gone.  With the HD content it can run out of space too fast and wipe out the movies I’ve recorded.  My sporadic viewing habits had made that occurrence much more likely.

Anyway, mostly it’s just funny to see the little guy go to town.  I imagine it’s kind of like when you let a little kid loose in a giant gymnasium, they just go crazy and start running around everywhere.  Record you crazy little electronic device!

2 thoughts on “TiVo Binge”

  1. Does Tivo delete it’s suggestions for your actual requests if it gets full or are you stuck with all seven seasons of Monk until you delete them?

  2. Yeah, basically TiVo suggestions are just shows it records to fill up free space, if it needs to record a show you actually requested it will delete the oldest suggestion (or suggestions) it takes to get enough space.

    Basically it kind of tiers like this, if you have completely free space on your drive it will record suggestsions, if you have filled it up with suggestions it will record what you’ve specified, if you’ve filled it up with content you specifically requested, it will delete the ones with the oldest ‘expiration date’.

    There are also settings for TV shows that max out the total number of episodes of any show that you request. The default value is 5 so if you had 5 old shows on your TiVo, it would probably actually just delete the oldest show you had recorded and replace it with the new one (you can specify other values or no limit as well).

    You can also modify any show it has recorded by telling the TiVo to never automatically delete it or to keep it until a certain date. This applies to TiVo suggestions as well so if you happen to notice that it recorded a show you’d like to watch at some point you can just go into the details of that show and modify its expiration date and it’ll get moved out of the TiVo Suggestions folder and kept until the date you specified.

    It’s actually a pretty good solution.

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