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As long as I’m going to the trouble of posting random art projects I’m working on, I figured I’d put up the final project from my design class last semester.  It’s an entirely visual (no words!) interpretation of the Aesop fable “The Ant and the Dove” (or as a typo almost rendered ‘The Anta nd teh Dove’).

The whole process reminded me that I wish I had learned how to draw:

The Ant and the Dove

An ant went to the river to get a drink.

The water rushed along so fast that he was washed off the bank into the river.  “I shall drown!” he cried. “Help! help! help!” but his voice was so tiny that it could not be heard.

A dove was sitting in a tree that overhung the water. She saw the ant struggling …

The dove quickly nipped off a leaf and let it fall into the water. The ant climbed upon it and floated down the river until the leaf was washed upon the bank of the stream.

The ant called out in its tiny voice, “Thank you, kind dove, you have saved my life;” but of course the dove could not hear him.

Several days after this, the dove was again sitting in a tree. A hunter crept carefully up to the tree.

His gun was pointed at the dove and he was about to shoot, when he was bitten by an ant.

He cried out with pain and missed his shot.

“Thank you, kind ant,” cooed the dove, and the ant heard and was glad.

So yeah, that’s pretty lame, I know. But hey, ti took me a lot of time and I still didn’t get an A in the class so what do I know?

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