I Don’t Believe You

So, my boss recently decided to switch her default email font from the ever-readable Calibri (default in Office 2007 and Vista) to the much more awesome Comic Sans MS in Forest Green. I’m not quite sure how to respond.

Why would you replace a nice font like Calibri with replace it with a universally reviled font like Comic Sans? My only guess is that you don’t want people to take you seriously. Maybe I should forward her a link to tell her how to make her emails look like they were written on a mountain .


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe You”

  1. I read an article in Wired a while back about these two guy’s “proper e-mail usage” ideas. They spent a lot of the article describing the difference between worthwhile and worthless e-mailing. Maybe I’ll dig it up.

  2. That previous comment does not read well at all and is almost self-contradictory. I apologize for my lack of any coherent train of thought.

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