Books I’ve Read This Year, 2008: Response to fulsome’s Return to Semi-Posting

In 2008, I think I might have read ten books and I am rather ashamed of this. iphone 7 gel phone case I started the year pretty well, with three books by Jonathan Lethem (Gun, With Occasional Music; Motherless Brooklyn; As She Climbed Across the Table) and then wandered off into the land of a whole lot of crap. I read two books by John Ringo which barely qualified as beach reading (Vorpal Blade; Watch on the Rhine). I read Voyage of the Shadowmoon by Sean McMullen which I had high hopes for after reading a couple of the books from the Greatwinter series several years ago. The year improved vastly with Anathem by Neal Stephenson and ended with Pride and Prejudice. Sidebar: I don’t know how I feel about admitting that I read that last book, but there it is. The books by Lethem were great and have been discussed many times by other people smarter than I, so I’ll just recommend them and anything else he’s written to anyone who chooses to read this blog. If you’re reading this, then you’re extremely likely to enjoy his work. Additional Sidebar: I think I could do with more reading. John Ringo is pretty much the polar opposite of Lethem. iphone 8 themed case His writing is pedestrian and his editor is lazy. Not only did I notice actual spelling errors and punctuation mistakes, but the author overuses cliches to deadly effect. I noticed this with his other books about the Posleen aliens, but I was kinda hoping that the co-author might have tempered this tendency. Alas. I can’t really recommend Ringo, without a heavy grain of salt and a large sunny beach to sit on while reading. His characters are pretty much all super heroes, both hard core military-types and also holding multiple doctorates. They’re rather like a Doctor Who with a gun, and get a little annoying in that regard. You can’t relate to them at all, but at least he tends to kill off quite a few of them in most of his books. His attempts to drift into hard-science fiction territory often go awry and detract from the action, a bit like Michael Bay trying to host a re-make of Cosmos. Further Sidebar: I doubt my novel will be any better. Sean McMullen’s Voyage of the Shadowmoon was a little disappointing as well. The book clearly had a lot of backstory which intrigued me, but, like the show Lost, kept you in the dark about a lot of stuff. At the time of reading, there were no other books yet in the series, nor did my copy mention that it was the start of a new series. Perhaps I will withhold further judgement until I have read more. Yet Another Sidebar: Still not letting myself get involved in Lost. iphone 8 case beer Anathem was a lot of fun. iphone 8 plus shockproof case purple I have not read the Baroque Cycle, but I didn’t really like Leibniz or Spinoza anyway. Anathem was far more interesting and maintain’s Stephenson’s cool but human hero trend while incorporating Socratic thought. iphone 7 case hello kitty A lot of Socratic stuff actually, probably more than I noticed, given how bad a student I was. If you liked his other books, you’ll like Anathem. If you want Stephenson to get back to his pre-Baroque form, you’ll like Anathem. If you like protractors and orbital mechanics, you’ll like Anathem. If you’re a dork who wants to save the world through applied mathmatics, you’ll like Anathem. iphone 8 cases floral Superfluous Sidebar: I liked Anathem. jetech iphone 6 case As for Pride and Prejudice, I will admit to reading it. I will even admit to enjoying it.

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  1. I definitely read fewer than 10 books … probably more like 3 last year. I did however read about 1 billion web-pages which I’m sure counts for something.

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