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For those wondering what makes us too busy to post on WRN anymore, you might be surprised to find that the answer is actually ‘nothing.’ We’ve just decided to move from half-assed all the way down past completely-assed and into negative-assed. That’s right, I’ve actually been DELETING posts from WRN … iphone 6 case with handle Ok, not really I’ve actually just been sitting around wasting time. The truth is that we’ve all been busy with various things (Fulsome trying to keep the company he worked for afloat – failed, Chuckles looking for a new job – succeeded, me trying to pass my classes – succeeded for now) but more importantly we’ve all been completely lazy. The good thing is, I’m so tired of being lazy that I now have the energy to write a new post. iphone 7 case leopard print Over the past week and a half, I watched the first 4 seasons of Lost. They’re available to stream from ABC’s website for free so it seemed like a decent time waster since my GF left the country to go do her PhD research. I know you’re probably thinking, “How could a guy who writes on a site about nerd things not already watch Lost.” The answer I guess would be that in days of yore before I had TiVo, I didn’t really watch any TV during the week. I usually wasn’t around until late in the evening and all of the shows were generally over before then. It was during that time that Lost premeired and I missed the first season. sushi iphone 8 case Hearing great things about it, I figured I’d watch the first season on DVD and catch up. I got busy though and never had the time. As more time passed there became more and more episodes that I had to see before I would be able to start watching. By season 4, I figured it was too late and I’d just wait until the show was over and watch it on DVD. Nearly 2 weeks ago though, I realized that I had a ton of time that I could devote to just powering through all the seasons. So with about 85 episodes to watch (at about 43 minutes each that’s about 61 hours of TV) I started Episode 0: The Pilot. I didn’t expect to get through them as fast as I did. matte iphone 6 case cheap In fact I wasn’t even sure I’d like the show. iphone 7 case pink glitter Once I started watching it though, it really hooked me. I’d done a similar thing with Jericho (which was available to watch for free on the internet as well) and it didn’t really hold up too well … even with a truncated season 2 from crappy ratings it was just starting to fizzle out. Lost didn’t have that problem really. The show managed to bring something unique to almost every episode. The way the pieces of the puzzle get revealed over different episodes and the way little items from previous episodes are built upon as the show moves on really made it easy to say ‘Well, no harm in watching just one more episode before bed.’ So at the end I’d been caught up on basically everything that had gone on so far and I have to say that it was definitely worth it. My brain is exhausted from taking that much in and I’ve developed a healthy dislike for a few of the characters but it’s consistent quality and interesting plot have made it the show I’m probably most interested in watching at this point. The only other show that is still running that I’d consider in the same league would be BSG and the way the characters have been distorted and altered over season 4 has really hurt the show. So it’s really weird to have gone from not seeing a single episode to it being a favorite but it managed to happen. If anyone has the time or the interest and never jumped in, I’d suggest hitting up the episodes on ABC.com, the experience was generally enjoyable (despite their crappy ad system that required a click to continue after it plays). Now I just have to try to not make my eyes and brain feel like Malcolm McDowell’s character in A Clockwork Orange.

5 thoughts on “Lost on the Internet”

  1. Sheesh, and you are even our TV/electronics nerd. OK, well, I’ve never seen it either and I’ve been debating about trying to watch it as well. I might have to reconsider it. However, I have kind of overdosed in catching up with lots of TV stuff in January.

    I did just re-watch Arrested Development and was reminded how awesome that show was.

  2. Yeah, I’d definitely recommend it. What I think is perhaps the best thing about it is that the characters are consistent. The writers are good enough that when the characters on the show do things, they genuinely seem like things they would do. Rarely do you say, why are they doing that?

    This is of course the exact opposite of the past 10-15 episodes of BSG where characters do random things with no apparent reasoning.

  3. Speaking of season 4 of BSG, I have not been watching it as I do not have cable or internet. So let’s not speak about it.

    I keep thinking that I might get back into Lost, but then I realize how many hours of TV that is and I waver.

  4. It is a ton of TV but what is great is how the show transforms. It is not like House or CSI or something where every week is exactly the same structure so it’s enjoyable just to see where they even take things.

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