Monsters vs. Aliens

I’ll try to keep the internal narrative to a minimum… As the presumed recipient of a little recent advice about some unlooked for free time, I am trying to push forward and find some lemonade or maybe even a decent margarita. Slightly related sidebar: There are a surprising number of categories on this blog about my somewhat erratic posting schedule In my initial attempt to use up some of this free time, and the completion of the annual WRN never-in-one-place rendezvous — details as they are scrubbed free of any information that might out anyone’s jealously guarded cover IDs and memories float up from the blur of activity, allow me to describe the preview screening I saw last night. A friend managed to get tickets to a preview screening of Monsters vs. Aliens (MvA) last night and agreed to share them with me if I would go sit in line so we could get decent seats. First off, I have to say the new polarized 3D glasses strike me as much better than the older options. ready player one iphone 6 case Secondly, it’s been a long time since I have seen another 3D movie so the only thing I remember about them (and this may be wrong) was that the 3D experience was much more specific. Namely, that only certain items at certain times were really presented in 3D. iphone 6 plus rose gold phone case With those caveats in place, I have to say that the 3D in this movie really impressed me. iphone 8 raised edge case It was much more pervasive than I expected and it was done quite well. Unrelated sidebar: I just watched the “Ultimate Game” episode of Dollhouse while procrastinating during the writing of this post and I was scared to realize that we already have a “Joss Whedon” tag and “Hunting the Ultimate Game” Overall, I liked this movie. belk iphone 6 plus case I am pretty much the target audience for the film. It has an inordinate amount of San Francisco scenes and includes voice acting from Will Arnett and Stephen Colbert, two of my favorite actors/comedians. I will admit that the film may be a little to California-centric. iphone 8 case for girls Set in Modesto and San Francisco with prominent mentions of the new Peoria, a.k.a Fresno, it really plays to those roots. iphone 8 case retro It does feature a line that I think may well replace “by Grabthar’s Hammer” in my personal lexicon for at least the next six months but I am trying my hardest to refrain from uttering it for at least another week. My largest annoyance stemmed from the fact that this is a family movie. A four-year-old kid behind spent about fifteen minutes of the movie throwing popcorn at me. That hindered my enjoyment and replaced the fact that it was pretty fun to sit through the first few minutes of the movie where they show-off the 3D magic and the kids gasp as asteroids and comets come ever closer. The movie doesn’t quite approach the Pixar magic where every scene has some little hidden jewel but instead it feels like the dialogue tries to fill that role and almost every line is a reference to some other cultural moment — E.T., Godzilla, Arrested Development, possibly Peter Gunn — and the possibility for dissecting the dialogue and looking for other little buried treasure references to places in the Bay Area makes me far more likely to go see this movie again than I might expect. iphone 7 plus anker case To summarize, go see this movie if you want to see the sci-fi, kid-friendly version of Superbad. In fact, that is a good relation to my feelings for this movie. It has flaws; I wouldn’t give it more than 3 out of 5 stars but yet I will end up seeing it again because there are some superb moments that let the rest of the movie float by on the overall sense of fun and mischief.

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  1. Yeah, 3D on CG is pretty common place now. I’m more interested to see what Cameron does with it on Avatar. Someday I may check out one of those sporting events that are broadcast in 3D to a movie theater.

    I saw Beowulf in 3D and besides the fact it was Beowulf, I found that the muted colors and jittery non-digital projection (it was IMAX 3D) made it less-than-ideal.

  2. OK, per the recommendation I am finally getting around to seeing Coraline tonight.

    And yes, I still am pretty excited for most James Cameron movies and Avatar looks to be a doozy.

  3. Coraline but no Watchmen? I didn’t see either of them yet but I did do some work and play some Army of Two. That game is so ridiculous. I beat 30 guys to death with a riot shield and next I’m on to shooting 25 Afghani suicide bombers in the chest.

  4. I’m not quite sure how to interpret this comment but it means a lot to me. Thanks, Audra!

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