Strange Brew Sunday: Mendocino Brewing Company

I’ve been drinking quite a bit of beer lately, which might explain why this post is 6 days late. spigen iphone 7 case black The last few shifts, I’ve had a Mendocino Brewing Company beer. carbon case iphone 7 Tuesday I had their Black Hawk Stout. speck presidio iphone 8 case Thursday and Friday, their Eye of the Hawk ale. I’ve also been lucky to drink a Red Tail Ale and White Hawk IPA. I am not an experienced reviewer, but it should be enough for me to say that I’ve had an Eye of the Hawk two days in a row, especially when you consider where I work and the immense selection available to me as an employee. It’s a fine ale that is well balanced between hops and malt. dobby iphone 6 case The Eye is a little stronger than you might expect at 8% but the flavor is smooth and the beer goes down easily. The Eye avoids the easy, boring, middle ground of a lot of ales and has a deep but not overpowering flavor, and would be excellent company for any barbecue or spicy meal. iphone 6 case pink and black I might have said this before, but it bears repeating: I am not a guy for hoppy beers, nor do I generally enjoy IPAs. iphone 7 case credit card The White Hawk is a decent IPA that doesn’t punch you in the face with hoppiness, so I enjoyed it. The Black Hawk Stout was a little bitter and I didn’t really expect that from an “Irish-style stout.” My stout experience is limited to a rather unlimited consumption of Guinness, so perhaps I ought to expand my palate, something I shall enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Strange Brew Sunday: Mendocino Brewing Company”

  1. Do not under any circumstances trust Chuckles on beer. His words and enthusiasm are mesmerizing and utterly convincing. He is the Shir Khan of beer demagoguery.

  2. I am in agreement with you on the Mendocino Brewing company stuff and the Eye of the Hawk specifically. In fact, this beer has previously been reviewed here and he is 100% correct.

  3. Well, maybe if I’d gone through and tagged all the old posts Chuckles would have known it. As it is, a lot of the stuff is still uncategorized.

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