Trying To Remain Rounded and Nerdy

OK, let me tell you a story about a kind of nerdiness that doesn’t make its way into my blog circle as of late. I have a tale to tell about difficulties I’ve recently encountered while trying to keep up with my book learnin’. I purchased The Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie some time ago because a.) I generally like history and b.) I still kind of like fantasy and, heck, c.) I thought that a novel written by one of the more interesting novelists of late that was a kind of historical fantasy bridging Europe and India sounded like it ought to be really neat. running phone case iphone 7 Instead, I ended up pushing through about half of the book and putting it down. I blamed it on a number of things, the most significant being the difference in style between a “serious novel” and the type of prose you’ll see on WRN. It could also have been the flowery language and circuitous plot. iphone 6 silicone case black Moving on… A few months later, I came across The Places In Between by Rory Stewart; a story of his walk across Afghanistan in 2002. While chronicling his journey across Afghanistan, Mr. Stewart weaves in the narrative of a character named Babar and his harrowing journey along much of the same route, but set in the 13th century. The book itself is not bad, however I would be hard pressed to out and out recommend it to someone else because it is a little dry and has a little bit too much of an air of expectation. I mean here is this guy talking across the land and he just expects everyone to feed him and really seems to be perturbed when maybe they’ve got something better to do and can’t be bothered to give him a decent meal for free. michael kors iphone x case Back to the story at hand, I picked up Enchantress again last week and, lo and behold, the Indian kingdom (Mughal Empire) detailed in the book was founded by the same Babar and is set in the northwest portion of India. iphone 7 cases apple Furthermore, Rushdie proceeds to talk about a series of battles set in Afghanistan, most of which being the same cities I just read about. Suddenly, I

realized that it wasn’t that the prose was flowery as much as I didn’t have any idea what the book was describing to me that made me put it down. iphone 8 plus case car design Without any knowledge of Afghani/Indian history, the casual historical references just made all of the prose more and more incomprehensible. Armed with my new knowledge, which is really still pretty slim pickings, the place names now at least bore some relationship to each other and I didn’t feel so overwhelmed when reading the Indian courts.

That’s not to say I’ve finished it; I still have the last quarter to go.