Don’t Call It a Comeback

So,  I don’t know if this means anything but I felt the urge to post again.  Not that I hadn’t thought to myself, “You should update that blog,” more than a few times in the past howeverlong.  For some reason today I’m actually doing something about it.

I have a few ideas for things to talk about again (not a ton mind you, but a few).  I’ve recently moved back from Wisconsin to the DC area (if you can call barely inside the Beltway the ‘DC area’).

Chuckles and I (and our respective girlfriends) have already caught a movie, gone to the Brickskeller and even talked about going to an Air Guitar competition.  It’s a bit like old times around here.  The difference of course being that I still have exactly the same job, have the same girlfriend, have exactly the same … wait I guess there’s not much difference from last time I was here.  Well, except that I miss cheese curds and Spotted Cow more than before I had lived in Wisconsin … oh, and I’ve got a cat now.

Anyway, not sure if I’m actually going to post more or if this is just one of those fake out, “Hey guys, I’m back!” posts that will exist in solitude and perpetuity after I never come back again.  But if more does come, that’ll be pretty cool.

Of course, I’ve got like a billion video games to play, a bunch of movies and TV to watch, books to read, actual work to do, and people to actually see so I guess we’ll just have to see.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Call It a Comeback”

  1. Well, checking the stats it looks like we still get about 5 hits a day on average. The only real difference in visitors yesterday (statistically speaking) is that we were listed as having 1 returning visitor (probably me).

  2. I come by this blog every day hoping and praying that new content will be posted. Imagine my shock and confusion with this new post. I presume that it is all lies, but it was still the absolute highlight of the year for me.

  3. Don’t worry about it. Given your infrequent blog updates I thought it best not to trouble you.

    I’d like to keep updating but after a long day at work it’s hard to force myself to spend any more time working at my computer.

  4. Yeah, and I have a hard time finding the solitude to really write now. The only time I can really write is after work, and that is at 3 am, when I really want to be sleeping since I have to work the next morning at 10 am. I’m slowly getting back into the habit of writing posts on my phone, and then editing them when I get home.

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