A Familiar Dilemma

I’ve talked about my cell phone lust on this blog a number of times and by my count it’s about time to go back to that well. cool phone case iphone 7 I think I’m in the same place that many people are now: iPhone or Android? They both have their pluses and minuses: iPhone

  • a stabler more robust platform
  • has only one form factor per year making the software specifically tailored for the device
  • I already have a bunch of iTunes movies/music
  • will be guaranteed at least 1 significant OS update per year
  • stuck with AT&T and no unlimited data
  • not great multitasking


  • the new kid on the block, seems to be hungrier and more innovative than Apple … silicone phone case iphone 8 plus also buggier
  • So many different hardware types, not all software in the app store works on each device
  • no guarantee that the device software will be updated by the manufacturer
  • Can stick with T-Mobile
  • Can develop software for it without having to buy a Mac or use Objective C
  • Includes a pretty good (and free GPS software)
  • Removable battery/expandable memory

Those are just off the top of my head. christian phone case iphone 6 Of course, at this point I’m strongly leaning towards an Android phone (specifically the new Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile). iphone case silicone 7 The only reason I’d stick with Apple would be that I’ve got an old iPod Touch G1 that I really like and I’ve got some copy protected media that I wouldn’t mind being able to keep on it. iphone 7 disney phone cases I’m afraid that trying to port my number might be a hassle since I’m no longer in the same city that I was when I got my cell phone (they seem to not let you port numbers for different area codes for some reason). iphone 8 plus case elastic So that’d be another reason to stick with T-Mobile–who I’ve always been generally satisfied with.

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