Android Denied

So, as I mentioned before. I ended up ordering the Samsung Vibrant Android phone for T-Mobile. original case iphone 8 plus Just a few short days later, I’m sorry to say that I’ve ended up sending it back. On its surface the phone is pretty good. The display is crisp and amazing. The form factor is nice and relatively compact. It’s got an expandable micro SD slot and I generally got pretty good reception with it. There were a number of smaller issues though that kept annoying me. The biggest one had to be the battery life. The phone would be almost dead after 12 hours of standby and mild use. Worse, there would always be a bunch of random pre-installed apps that would start in the background and were probably killing the battery. iphone 8 case skinnydip I had to download this program to kill the apps since it wasn’t always obvious what was running. friends iphone case 6 And even then there was no clear explanation of what had been started and why. Besides the poor battery life (which I probably could have addressed in a month or two by buying a larger battery), the GPS functionality didn’t work. It was unable to ever determine my position with the GPS. A quick search online revealed it as a widespread problem that would supposedly get fixed in an update that was coming out soon but given that the GPS was one thing that I really wanted to get from the phone, I’m not willing to hang onto it and hope for the best. phone cases iphone 6 light And finally we get to the Android OS. I generally like the OS but it suffers from the same thing that Windows always has, when the OS itself wasn’t designed for specific hardware, it just doesn’t feel seamless. The way the Samsung vs. T-Mobile vs. Google apps worked was just too inconsistent. I was never confident of where to look or how to use something. As someone who has gone to school for interface design, it was just inconsistent enough to be frustrating. And I don’t want my phone to be something I have to sit there and tinker with. There were a number of other nitpicky things that annoyed me as well: lack of an integrated music library manager, no integrated video store, the location of the power button, the poor integration of my work/GMail/phone contacts, the use of a separate GMail client vs. iphone 6 case headcase work email, no Skype app, and more I’m sure. I guess at the end of the day, there were too many little details that I was unhappy with to commit to using the phone for the next 2 years. 8 plus iphone cases shock proof My plan now is to wait a few months and see what happens and if anyone is going to come out with a phone that addresses my issues (Microsoft, Palm/HP, Google, or even Apple). If not, I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and deal with what I can get but until I’ve reached that point I’m going to go back to using my ol’ Sony Ericsson phone.

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  1. I’m definitely an Android fanboy, but T-Mobile doesn’t really have any good Android phones right now…which is sad, since they had the first one. I’m sticking with my trusty old G1 for now, but when my contract is up, I may switch to Sprint. A coworker got an EVO, and it’s simply amazing.

  2. Yeah, don’t get me wrong. Besides the GPS not working, the battery life, and a few UI issues I really liked the phone. I just wasn’t confident that I’d really like the phone halfway into my contract.

    I pretty sure that come Android 3.0 and those new phones I’ll probably be taking the leap again (and maybe going with Sprint as well … I’ll have to see which one is getting a ‘flagship’ Android handset).

  3. I had read a small bit on Washington or some similar site that said that most of the 4g phones weren’t worth it due to issues like these, and OH YEAH, the near total lack of 4g coverage. A coworker has a Droid or EVO and she loves it over her old BB Curve, but that is like saying I love my latest edition MacBook over my old Toshiba from 1995. And yes, I actually own a working Toshiba laptop from 1995. Battery life is zilch, and neither the button mouse, nor the PS2 port work but I’ve still got my college papers in digital form!

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