New Lows

The question about how many hits we get a day caused me to look at our stats on StatCounter (something Fulsome setup way back in the day). light blue iphone 8 plus case I have to say that it wasn’t as low as I feared. wine iphone 6 case Well, besides that this past Sunday we had absolutely zero hits. iphone 6 cases leaves But why should people visit a blog that hasn’t really been updated in a year. Anyway traffic from the last month is below: Obviously our page loads are way high for the past day or two (again probably mostly from me visiting the page a few times and clearing out spam comments) but the unique visitors statistics don’t really seem above average. I started to wonder though, is this the worst traffic we’ve ever gotten? So I brought up our quarterly traffic since 2005. iphone 6 personalised phone case Interestingly it looks like Q4 2008 is our worst traffic period. I’m not sure exactly what was going on there but wow did no one want to visit the site. It went up in Q1/Q2 of 2009 (I’d assume because there was a sporadic post or two) but has mostly been level. Looking at the sad traffic of November and December 2008 (below) though, I can only feel better about where we’re starting today. tech21 case iphone 6 Now I just need Chuckles to get fired for blogging about someone moderately notable. iphone 6 flower case Oh, and I guess I should tell him and Fulsome that I started posting again.

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