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First, let me apologize for this post. iphone 8 plus gold case I’m writing it in probably not the best mental state right now. got iphone 6 case Let me also say that it’s pretty weird watching your best friend and girlfriend of the last many years walk past a TSA agent and some seat-belt stanchions (trying to figure out the right term for those things was a good 5 minutes of typing random things into Google) and knowing that for the next year she will be ten thousand miles away. underwater phone cases iphone 7 How are you supposed to deal with something that has been looming since the relationship started but is now finally a reality? After what felt like the longest 20 minute drive home ever, I knew that the only answer was to go on a raging bender. Which, for me at least, means a large pizza, a few beers, and plenty of bad movies. eco friendly iphone 7 plus case Of course after 5 movies, 3 beers, nearly 4000 calories and an ill-advised shopping spree on quasi-depressing indie music off Amazon later, I’m left wondering, what do I do next? Follow-up question: should I sign up for Amazon Prime so I can get my quasi-depressing indie music delivered faster? Well, step one (after pizza/beer/movie bender) is to zap this dead blog back to life. iphone 7 phone case camo What that means yet, I’m not sure. peter rabbit phone case iphone 8 plus Just rest assured it will be inane and full of crap that I probably would have just talked about with my GF were she around.

4 thoughts on “Question or Answer”

  1. Your flaunting of free time makes me less sensitive to your heartache.

    However, I think you should learn to cook with this extra time.

  2. I’ve considered it actually. I’d been cooking more that past year or so but I’ve found it’s kind of hard to really enjoy cooking if you’re just cooking meals for one. Either way too much leftover food or too much work.

    I will probably keep trying to improve my pizza making/baking skills though. If only I still had an balcony on which to grill.

  3. Well, your continued efforts to revive this zombie haunt are appreciated.

    I wish it didn’t take this kind of situation to make it happen, though.

  4. Giant Pot Cooking. Curry, spaghetti, stew, gazpacho, rattatouille. You spend a bit longer on the first cook time, but then get to ladle out single portions to be microwaved over the next week. Also, you get to expell all the gas without guilt, except maybe with a few glares from your cat/spider.

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