Reviewing a Movie Post From 2007

While browsing through my e-mail archive for the login information to this here bloggio, I found a metric e-ton of comment notification e-mails reminding me of past glories.  One post in particular was somewhat timely for seven months ago:

The Post

I am somewhat surprised by the movies I was right about, and also by the movies about which I was horribly wrong.   Conan and I Am Legend were both bad, but for different reasons.  Conan was just boring, it had a lot of great elements, swords, sorcery, boobs, monsters, but it couldn’t get everything together to really psych me up.  As a member of their target demographic, I should have been raving about it.  Instead, when it was over, I was left wondering when the action was going to start.  I Am Legend was also disappointing in the way so many adaptations are: TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT.  There are not going to be many more events where Vincent Price can upstage Will Smith, if there have been any before, but The Last Man on Earth knocked it out of the park, while I Am Legend thought the game was football.

10,000 BC was a terrible story with moronic arc, a silly plot, and overall just tiresome.  Funny Story, True Story:  There are striking similarities between the end of 10,000 BC and Avatar.

Speed Racer was unseen aside from commercials, as was Beowulf.  The first went by because I remembered that I never really liked Speed Racer, and the second because the CGI turned me way the hell off.

Most of the rest of the movies remain in development hell.

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