One of them

As someone who is not originally from the mid-Atlantic area, I’ve sure moved back here a bunch of times. I still don’t really feel like the area I live in is really home. However, after moving back to northern Virginia for a 3rd time in 2013, this is now the longest time I’ve lived in the same state since the 90’s.

One of the things that itched my curiosity in the early days out here was the large number of cars with ‘OBX’ stickers on them.  I didn’t think about it much at first but as I saw it more times, I began to get slightly curious. Back then I didn’t have a smart phone and looking up something like that required me to actually remember it when I got back inside.

Eventually I did and was surprised to see that it stood for the Outer Banks. You know, those islands in North Carolina?  A quick image search shows just how many there are. It made me think, ‘Wow, these people really love where they went on vacation to want to put a sticker about it on there car.’ It never really convinced me to go there.

However, over the past couple years I’ve started to go more native. Last year I I made it down to Virginia Beach.  And in another week and a half I’m going to finally be heading down to the Outer Banks in Duck, NC for some good family vacation time.

I’m still not really sure what it’s going to be like.  While I’m not really opposed to tourist beach traps (having been to Virginia Beach as mentioned plus Key West, Riviera Maya, Bali, Monterey and even Port Aransas), I’m always curious about how they’ll turn out.

Who knows, may even come back with an OBX sticker of my very own.