Vote for Butterstick!

Hey, I just wanted to give some love to Unrequited Narcissism for their awesome post on naming the new panda at the National Zoo. The official zoo page has some ridiculous Chinese names like Tai Shan or Qiang Qiang.

It’s perfectly clear from looking at the picture that this little guy’s name should be something far more accurate … like Butterstick. So check out the modified survey that the folks at UN put up here and vote!

3 thoughts on “Vote for Butterstick!”

  1. You can stop refreshing the page now, nacho.

    I have to say I like Tai Shan because I have fond memories of visiting there. But, yeah, I don’t know why all the names really have to be in Chinese. Do Chinese name their grizzly bears Bob or magnificent flower?

  2. Look, apparently I like to look at myself and my posts. I was visiting a site called Unrequited Narcissism.

    If that doesn’t make it obvious enough that I love to read my own posts I don’t know what else I have to do.

    Also, if you’d just go with a template that has an RSS feed, it’d be much easier.

  3. I vote for Butterstick. This was after the NZ site had been fixed, so it didn’t count. It reminded me of voting in the 2000 and 2004 elections. Ah, sweet memory…as for the neames of pandas, all of our previous pandas were named by the Chinese before we got them, since they were raised in China. I think the parents should name him and defect, as the baby panda is now an Amercian citizen.

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