PS3/Guitar Hero Problem Solved

So, I’d heard some rumbling on the internet over the past month or so that the issues with the Guitar Hero controller not working with GH1&2 on the PS3 had been mostly resolved. So yesterday on my way home from a particularly stressful day at work (this week has been pretty crazy), I stopped by RadioShack and bought a Playstation to USB adapter.

When I got home I opened the PS-USB adapter packaging (thankfully not an injury-inducing blister pack) and connected the new adapter to my GH controller + extension cord and then plugged the USB end into the PS3’s USB ports. When I plugged it in, it immediately started ‘working.’ By that I mean it does the same thing that always happens if you’re in a Playstation system menu and you have a GH controller plugged in, it thinks you’re holding the ‘down’ button in.

I promptly unplugged the GH controller and tried to press buttons on either of the two PS3 controllers I have or the PS3 remote. None of those buttons seemed to do anything though. I ended up holding down the PS button to bring up the controller menu and then just pressed ‘O’ to quit.

Back in the main menu I could navigate with the controller again and started up GHII from the menu. I then quickly plugged in the GH controller. I was amazed when the game detected button presses from it! When I got to the menu though I quickly noticed that it got confused by strumming up vs. down. It used to be that strumming down moved you down and up moved you up but now up moves you down and down moves you up.

I then played a couple songs on it and realized that the whammy bar was also not working. Unfortunately it didn’t detect its use at all. Still, the whammy bar isn’t that essential to playing the game and without it you can get about 98% [non-scientific number] of the enjoyment out of it without it.

So if anyone was holding off spending $600 on a PS3 simply because it wouldn’t play the PS2 version of  Guitar Hero you can now spend freely. Guitar Hero is actually operational on the PS3. You can finally get rid of that PS2 dead weight that has been holding you down.

Next up, I’ll be hooking up some PS2 controllers to see how gameplay works with those. Exciting!

5 thoughts on “PS3/Guitar Hero Problem Solved”

  1. I specifically said it was 98% solved which, for me is enough. I can play it and have fun whereas before I could not play it.

    Q: Why do I always dread comments from PP?
    A: They always seem to point to some logical fallacy in my posts which makes me sad.

  2. well, I try to get out pretty often. I mean, 3 weeks ago I was in Cleveland (the CLE as we call it), then 2 weeks ago I was in Chicago, and last weekend I was in DC/Maryland and this coming week I’ll be in Austin, TX and then 5 days later I’ll be in Madison, WI.

    I get out some. So I’m kind of confused by what how whatever randomly inconsistent things I say have to do with me being a NoVA shut-in.

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