Upcoming Movies, or Chuckles Tosses Probably Undeserved Bile on Warner Brothers

While performing actual work today, I stumbled across some interesting information on a number of movies that Warner Brothers is either working on or shelving. 2012: The War for Souls is based on a book by Whitley Strieber. Given the Mayan connection, I would probably go see this. Superman: The Man of Steel will probably be as blah as the Return of Superman was. There was nothing wrong with Return, rather like Star Trek 4 or Insurrection, but it didn’t move a person like Kahn or Undiscovered Country. I will probably be completely over Bryan Singer by June of 2009. Paradise Lost is a movie I want to see, if only to see how someone would make this movie. Logan’s Run. Logan’s fucking Run. yeezy iphone 7 plus case You remember what I said about being over Bryan Singer by June of 2009? I am done with him now. This project has apparently been shelved, anyway, so whatever. The plot outline seemed a bit too young and pretty and lame anyway. Change it from 21 to 30 and you may have something there, Mr. Singer. The Invasion with Nicole Kidman…not really, no thanks, d for effort. Maybe the can get Cameron Bright to stare at her creepily in this one, too. Beowulf sounds interesting. It is a cool story and fertile ground for bashing and monster mashing…hmm Robert Zemeckis directing a screenplay written in part by Neil Gaiman? What the hell was that sound? Every Sandman geek in country just blowing their shorts? This sounds more like a Beowulf destined to become the movie you watch at 4 am while coming down. I Am Legend. Right now, somebody who cares is writing horrible screeds against the producers of this movie because they are not planning on remaining 100% faithful to his/her interpretation of the graphic novel or whatever. The Warcraft movie couldn’t do more to make me avoid this movie. I play the game but have no desire to see this movie. Jennifer Government! Remember that geek I wrote about two or three paragraphs up? Yeah, that’s me on this one. This book is flipping awesome and everyone should read it. The movie holds promise for me because the writer of the screenplay wrote the third episode of Band of Brothers, that whole series is awesome. Ender’s Game. Some other geek is tweaking out at the very mention of this movie. I couldn’t feel more meh. Conan the Barbarian? Are you kidding me? How could you do better than the original? Unless! Unless they are just adapting some of the other original stories for a new movie starring some other meathead. Interesting. I have read a bunch of those books by Howard and enjoyed them. battery case iphone 7 I recommend them for airplanes where you may be interrupted frequently by annoying jackasses. Car Wars is unfortunately not a movie based on what I was hoping it would be based on. Those of you who understand this sentence, may or may not have just learned something about me. 10,000 BC as directed by Roland Emmerich and not co-written by Dean Devlin…are the mammoths leaving to follow the beer as the glaciers recede? Could this be the long awaited refutation of The Day After? Speed Racer is wow super cool, yeah man. Who’s directing it? Oh. Crap. The Wachowski brothers. Maybe I’ll NetFlix it. Get Smart and The Dark Knight can be lumped into one brief statement: I’m in line right now. iphone 6 cases rose gold marble Westworld? Keeerist. air jordan iphone 6 case The original one was fun and stuff but whatever, I’ll give this one a chance. iphone 7 plus griffin case I just don’t know why Warner Brothers bothers. Hey moronic studio execs! Try spending just 5 million on some movies that aren’t remakes and don’t star the same people we have seen in the last 80 summer movies. Wonder Woman has been discussed and discussed endlessly elsewhere as all things Whedon tend to be. Is he on, off, shelving, dumping, pooping, starting, remaking? Whatever. Wonder Woman was a neat enough hero, but can anyone really displace Linda Carter? I’ll tell you: NO.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Movies, or Chuckles Tosses Probably Undeserved Bile on Warner Brothers”

  1. the greatest tragedy is that these will all be cgi clusterfucks, and double boo to the assholes that want to re-make conan. seriously, i hope the governator chops their heads off with his starmetal sword.

  2. That’s just how I roll right over at 120 MPH.

    Horchata: CGI clusterfucks is most likely right. I will withhold my hope for Jennifer Government because it doesn’t need CGI. Much.

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