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GobotsOk, so I have a good reason for not posting for quite a long time: I’m lazy.  I’m not sure about the other guys.  I’m pretty sure they’re slightly less lazy than me (at the moment I’m in one of those prolonged multi-year laziness funks).

Anyway, I’m out in Wisconsin now embracing the glory that is the Midwest.  It’s nice here right now and compared to DC, it’s amazingly pleasant here (we’ll see how I feel come winter).   I’ve spent the past couple weeks trying to settle in, a task made more difficult by my complete lack of furniture, my need to continue working full-time, and a hectic social schedule.

Things are starting to settle down though and hopefully I’m getting stuff to a good place.  I’ve already found the local YMCA and will probably be joining it shortly, even though I’m tempted to join the Madison version of GloboGym (Princeton Club – oh, sweet 24 hour gym!) .  Also, in recognition of my arrival, Apple opened its first Apple Store here last weekend causing me to seriously jones for an iPhone–a sweet, sweet iPhone.

I’m also in the process of trying to locate a new television that might possibly be easier to move.  Right now I’m leaning towards a 57″ Mitsubishi DLP because it’s 4″ shorter, 6″ thinner and about 10″ less wide.  These are traits that I may think are required for just getting it INTO my apartment since it’s not the most accessible entry.

I spent all last weekend looking at furniture so this weekend I’ll probably be making a final decision on the couch I want to purchase and possibly going to an art fair here to try to find some local gifts.  I still need to find a birthday gift for my brother since I think he is getting a little old to get Transforrmers (you’re never too old for Gobots though).

Anyway, I’ve seen approximately 8 million movies the past couple weeks (Transformers, Die Hard 4, Harry Potter) and will probably keep it up for the rest of the summer. Of course, tonight will most likely be the Under Siege marathon, and trust me that watching 2 Under Siege’s in a row definitely qualifies as a marathon.

Hopefully the other jokers on the site will post occasionally (even if they are out in the ‘wilderness’ camping because they’re too cheap to pay for ‘beds’) and I’m sorry for the lull.

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