Holy Fuck, The Fiery Furnaces and Super Furry Animals at the 9:30 Club 1/27/08

There are times when you come home from a show excited, whether by the music you just heard and are about to hear or because you had a cool time and got a phone number. Then there are times when you walk 30 blocks or so before realizing how cold it is and how far you have yet to go because you are astounded at the wonderful new thing that was always there that you have only tonight been allowed to witness and enjoy. I had a freaking blast at this show. I had never heard Holy Fuck or Super Furry Animals before and had not seen The Fiery Furnaces live, either.

I should apologize to Holy Fuck as I missed all but the last couple songs due to the fact that I am an idiot. The doors opened at 8 and I got to the club at 9. I figured that the first band wouldn’t start until then, but I was clearly wrong. Holy Fuck sounded like techno-house with those annoying incessant beats that last for hours for the ecstasy-addled, except without being annoying or incessant. Imagine a house song with real drums, synths, a bass player, another drummer and all sorts of weird effects and the song actually ends. These guys play music like I cook, throwing stuff in because it is good and blends. You can roll a song around in your mouth, turning over new flavors and strange tastes with each chew. They are like pita chips and cheescake, but musical. An aural alchemy. I will be buying their two albums as soon as I can. (I have yet to buy these albums as of 8-18-08, but I am broke and unemployed.)

The Fiery Furnaces were on next and I was excited to see them since I had missed them the last couple times they were in DC. They didn’t seem to really get into it until they played Blueberry Boat, but the crowd also seemed rather reserved until then, too. I liked seeing them but felt sorta blase about it because they looked so tired or bored. After they perked up, the music felt a lot more vibrant. I suppose you can’t blame people for being tired, everyone has off days I guess.

Super Furry Animals were a complete unknown to me until Uncanny Canadian instructed me to see this show no matter the cost. They were amazing, awesome would be a completely appropriate description as I was was awed by their music. Live shows are almost always better for that certain something, even if the songs are played almost exactly the same way as they were recorded on the albums. You can let yourself get caught up in the performance and forget all that stuff that gets tacked on to a home listening, like that time you made out with some girl while listening to Wish You Were Here, or how you played Transmissions from the Satellite Heart to psych yourself up to ask out some person at a coffee house. If you have never heard the songs before you see them live, you will always have that experience to play in the back of your mind while you listen at home. I’m drifting but maybe you follow me. SFA blew me away. They played and seemed to really be having a blast, and that feeling transferred to the audience. I can’t tell you what songs they included in the set, but they were all amazing. I would recommend SFA to anyone. They sound like bottled joy. At one point, the lead brought out some sort of huge, red, Power Rangers-looking helmet and held the microphone up to a hole in the top right and sang though the helmet. It sounded like he was singing from the back of some cave, or with a helmet on his head. Uh. Anyway, I have some pictures of that on my phone:

Um, yeah, so…my pictures were so bad that they broke the bloggio. We’ll have to wait a minute or two for those.

The blob on the left is the singer.
The blob on the left is the singer.
That is the red helmet on the singer, the light blobs are his hands.
That is the red helmet on the singer, the light blobs are his hands.

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  1. Hugo, our benevolent blog creator — fulsome — did all those links I think. I just finally turned them on. I cannot make any claim as to their veracity or proper categorization.

    If fulsome knew how to use the internet anymore, we could ask him. Apparently lately he’s been trying to get online with his Leapfrog Speak ‘N Spell.

    And yes AG, I’ve seen this concert review sitting in ‘Drafts’ for about 8 months now.

  2. I was going to point out the Holy Fuck remake, but I got p3wnD by Pinko.

    I’m surprised that Fiery Furnaces weren’t mind blowing. When I first heard them at the Paradise right after Blueberry Boat, it was one of the most memorable concert experiences I’ve had. They turned all of their pieces into medleys, seamlessly going from one movement of a song to the middle of a different song, and finishing with a third. I had never considered that their music was modular, but I think that might have been more Blueberry Boat-specific. Their least couple of CDs, all excellent, have been more singles-oriented.

    SFA totally rock. I think for their last round of touring, they were taking online requests for the set list. I just want them to play every song from Rings Around the World every time. Maybe a few different reprises of Receptacle for the Respectable.

  3. They did mix it up a little, medley-izing some songs together, I don’t know enough of their catalogue to name all of the songs. I remember that they turned Blueberry Boat into a 15 minute epic, but they looked pretty tired for the first half of their set.

  4. I have to wait until I get some to see the pics. sad

    but cool show recap. worth the wait? since I didn’t know I was waiting for it, I’ll say yes!

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