Strange Brew Sunday: Clipper City Marzhon

Since Micro-Brew Review Monday died a long time ago on another platform and since I have time to write today, consider this a new series that will continue for as long as my current employment holds and as long as my current enjoyment of both writing and beer hold.

Clipper City is a Baltimore-based brewery and they make a variety of fine libations, but so far my favorite has been the Marzhon. The Marzhon is an Oktoberfest style amber lager. The name is a play on the Baltimore slang “hon,” a term for just about anyone as far as I know, and the name of the style of brew, marzen(umlaut missing on the a). It’s not too hoppy or too malty, nor is it cloying or bitter. I think this is what better reviewers and more seasoned tongues would call “balance.” Marzhon is just a damn good and yummy. I would drink it year round and definitely with spicy food, but it would work well with nearly any food as the flavor is not particularly heavy. I would easily recommend this beer to someone who was not sure that they are a fan of beer yet.

This beer was drunk at the Brickskeller.

5 thoughts on “Strange Brew Sunday: Clipper City Marzhon”

  1. Apparently that beer is not available farther west than Illinois so I will have to take your word on it for now.

    It sounds good. And can I say, now that I officially realize where you are working, I will be out to visit soon…

  2. Yeah, I’m just jealous that he’s got easy access to Dogfish Head stuff. The Raison D’etre and various IPA’s by them are all pretty great. Not that I don’t like our Madison micro-brews. The Spotted Cow and Capital Amber are, as usual, quite excellent.

  3. I am hoping that I can convince my parents to bring me a case or two of various New Glarus beers in April. I am offering up the Dogfish Head Pangea (a ginger-infused brew) and a selection of Dogfish brews. I must admit that I have not tried their 60 or 90 minute IPAs yet, and the Bricks is out of the 120.

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